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Studying at Dar Journalism Academy offers numerous advantages. The school attracts lecturers and speakers who are experts in the field and brings a vast experience to the students whom some of them are fresh from school. Thus students gain invaluable opportunities to learn from peers and practitioners.
The collage is conveniently located in Machinga complex just 3km from the city centre.It is few meters from main bus station.


Dar Journalism Academy was established  by Mr Nan and his partner Mr Simba in 2014 after noticing a big gap in the journalism training that led to the establishment of this modern collage purposely to provide practical training in journalism. Over the few years, the collage has undergone significant changes. The collage has introduced audio, video production as well as a 350 square metre hall purposely used for the talk show production.


The Institute is administered by a board of directors, a manger and principal.In addition this institution has video grapher, audio producers,film producers and editors among other departments.


To touch a billion lives, through training and mentoring.


To remain number one highly academic professional journalism institution and a multimedia house serving the needs of students, industry and society.