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JAMBO Brand Tanzania magazine (JBT), is a premium brand publication researched and published by JP Decaux Tanzania Ltd since the Year-2004.
The Magazine is a FREE quarterly issue distributed nationally and internationally.
As of to-date, JBT has 32 edition published with a circulation of 10,000 copies.
Our content, which aims to promote Tanzania within and outside the country, ranges from Economic Development, Government Expenditure, Investments, Agriculture, Cooperative Unions, Fisheries, Industry and Agriculture, Wildlife and Forestry, Marketing and Industry, Economic Services, Transportation, Science and Technological Development, Communication, Employment, Foreign affairs and International Cooperation, East African Cooperation, Social services, Water and Health among other topics.
For further details and clarification, kindly contact our Brand Manager on 0787-228287 or 0715-228287or Marketing Manager on 0687-868 200 or 0656-410 912. For editorial inquiries, contact the Editor on 0715-228287.


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