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Spread BRICS Stories to Deepen China-Africa Exchanges

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The 9th BRICS Summit was held at the Xiamen International Convention Center from September 3rdto 5th, which mapped out a blueprint and pointedthedirection for future BRICS cooperation.
The Oriental Postreportsthat African countries have been an active part of China’s circle of friends overdecades.They have activelyrespondedto the“Belt and Road”Initiative.Since the FOCACJohannesburgSummit, in particular, the outcomes have been earnestly implemented,and China-Africa cooperation has been elevated to a higher level.
As the Chinese media group in Africa with the biggestnumberof media platforms, languages and coverage,Global Max Media Group (GMMG)has organized a series of diversified and popular activities including film festivals, movie shows and summit forums in the African continentrepresentedby South Africa, a member of BRICS.
The 20thShanghai International Film Festival which attractedextensiveattention was concluded on June 26th, when President Nan Gengxu ofGMMGgave an explanation of the“Africantens of thousands ofmovie show project”. He said that apart from shooting movies and undertaking China-Africa International Film Festival,the GMMGis implementing a“Tens ofthousandsofoutdoor movie show project in Africa”, which has achieved certain effects.The professional teams are actively presenting Chinese and African moviesin manyAfricancountries, and plan to show 30,000 movies in 20 African countrieswithinthree years, most of which are from China-Africa movie and TVcooperationproject.
In order to further implement the outcomes of the FOCACJohannesburgSummit to strengthen China-Africa agriculturalcooperation, the first China-Africa Cooperation and Development Summit co-hosted byZambian Agricultural and Business Association, the GMMG and China Agricultural Film and TV Center was successfully held in Lusaka, capital city of Zambia, on August 3rd.
The news conference of the Cape Town China-Africa International Film Festival was held in Cape Town of South Africa on August 17th, where the GMMG expressed thecommitmentto work together with the Cape Town international film market to build anall-industry and all-region structure, explore innovative ways of production, make movies together, and find new models and means for faster and better development of the film industry in Africa.
The first China-South Africa College Students Dialogue co-hosted by the CRI, the Global English and CMMG was held in Cape Town of South Africa on September 1st, where10Chinese and South African college students conducted in-depthdialogueson topics such asthefuture development of China and South Africa, diplomatic relations ofthefive BRICS countries, and the“Belt and Road”Initiative.The Dialogue also served as a warm-up event for the 9thBRICS Summit, and was the first time for mainstream Chinese media to hold a dialogue with African college students.It aimed atincreasingunderstanding between the Chinese and South African youth, building a new platform and opportunities for China-South Africa cultural exchanges, especially language and cultural exchanges, andfurther cementing friendship between people of the two countries.
SpreadingBRICS stories to every corner in China and Africa, and building up its voices as a mainstream media in Africa, overseas Chinese media are actively promoting the Chinese culture and bolstering China’s image.