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China-Africa Agriculture Summit Scheduled to Open in July, August and October 2018 in 7 Countries

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The 2nd China-Africa Agricultural Cooperation & Development Summit is scheduled to open in June in South Africa. China-Africa eight countries will celebrate and share pleasure together. Asia and Africa will achieve mutual sharing and mutual benefit.
The Second China-Africa Summit on Agricultural Cooperation and Development is scheduled to be opened on June 13, 2018 in Cape Town, South Africa's legislative capital. The theme of the summit will be “Wide Region,Broad Cooperation: Exploring the Road to Win-Win Development of China-Africa Agricultural Cooperation”. The main venue will be set up in South Africa. Branch venue will be set up in Botswana and Namibia, and a “China Pavilion” will be set up for exhibitors to participate in. In addition to the South Africa’s main venue, there will be venues to be opened in Zambia and Kenya in August 2018  and venues to be opened in Egypt and Morocco in October 2018.
This summit is an international high-end premier event on the field of agriculture  in Asia and Africa. On the occasion, many senior government officials, ambassadors, authoritative scholars, business leaders, well-known agricultural enterprises, and elites of all circles  from Central African countries will gather to discuss the prospects and opportunities for China-Africa agricultural cooperation and the model for China-Africa  modernization  cooperation on agriculture. And a number of mainstream media at home and abroad will pay full attention and all-round real-time report of this grand occasion. Its characteristics and advantages are mainly manifested in the following aspects:
First, with high-valued of all countries governments ,many ministers, high specifications and strong lineup
The China-Africa Agricultural Cooperation & Development Summit is a conference implement "the China-Africa 10 Major Cooperation Program" and "the One Belt and One Road " Initiative proposed by  President Xi Jinping. It is a flag of China-Africa agricultural cooperation following the Johannesburg Summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation. It will be the vanguard which drive  the international community to increase attention and investment on African agriculture. In 2017, the summit has been successfully held once time, and has gained a good reputation and industry resources, and has influenced widely in both Asia and Africa. Compared with last year, the characteristics of this year's summit have become more prominent, and the scale, specifications, and influence have been greatly improved. The work of the conference has also become more institutionalized and standardized. Governments of all countries attach great importance to and actively participate in this summit. The summit is with many ministers, high specifications, and a strong lineup. The participants and exhibitors are extensive which cover the major agricultural countries in Central Africa and countries rich in agricultural resources in Asia  and Africa,and  include important multinational organizations, large-scale agricultural enterprises, financial investment institutions, consulting agencies and technical service agencies, and industry associations.
Secondly, summit will hold three times each year and spread across seven countries in Africa. The scope of participation is wide, the scale and the industry influence are great.
The summit is held three times a year. The main venue of the second summit is in South Africa, Zambia, and Egypt. The branch venues are in Botswana, Namibia, Kenya and Morocco respectively.Senior officials of agricultural departments, industry experts, scholars and entrepreneurs from more than 20 countries in the world will participate in extensively. The summit strong professionalism and high international standards, great scale and industry influence will not only inject new vitality into China-Africa agricultural cooperation, but will also strongly promote the development of agricultural related industries.     
The Summit closely follows global economic and agricultural development trends, highlights the distinctive theme of “Wide region and Broad cooperation”, pays attention to the investment promotion and exchange cooperation functions of the summit, and strengthens the promotion of regional agricultural cooperation projects of the “Silk Road Economic Belt” and various countries in Asia and Africa.The summit devotes to become a first-rate international event in the agricultural field.

Third, many activities, much interaction, various innovation
There will be three venues of each year . Each venue lasts for 8-10 days which cover a variety of activities such as the opening ceremony, forums, exhibitions, professional seminars, special conferences, business visits, commercial exchanges, and closing ceremonies. The arrangement of the activities could properly adjusted to personal situation. The summit build an open communication platform for the extensive agricultural management departments, experts and scholars, industry entities and service organizations.
Participants not only can visit the hinterland of South Africa and Namibia, they can also visit Egypt and Morocco, and stop in Zambia and Kenya. Exhibitors can sell and display their latest agricultural products, agricultural technology and agricultural achievements in African countries, and they can also find suitable partners and buyers in local area.
Fourth, great achievements, great repercussion and great significance
The upcoming Second China-Africa Agricultural Cooperation & Development Summit is a top event which hold with the full support of the governments of various countries and agricultural institutions in Asia and Africa within China-Africa agricultural industry.The summit will form a series of achievements and will have a positive impact on the modernization cooperation of agricultural in Asia and Africa. Under the background of the current sluggish recovery of world economy and the opposite growth of agriculture, the hosting of such a summit reflects the common hope of countries in Asia and Africa to strengthen international agricultural cooperation and work together to promote the sustainable development of the world economy.
In December 2015, President Xi Jinping put forward the famous "the China-Africa 10 Major Cooperation Program" at the Johannesburg Summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation which clarified the most interested area of cooperation in Africa is China-Africa agricultural modernization cooperation , and President Xi gave important measures: China will implement “the Agriculture Enrichment Project” in 100 rural villages in Africa. Thirty batches of agricultural expert groups will be sent to Africa and establish a “10+10” cooperation mechanism for China-Africa agricultural research institutions.
The China-Africa Agricultural Cooperation & Development Summit is being organized for the “China-Africa Agricultural Modernization Cooperation Program” proposed by the President Xi Jinping.It will build consensus of China-Africa agriculture modernization,clarify cooperate direction,and strengthen efforts to promote cooperation of China-Africa agricultural projects in Africa. The summit will create a more open and efficient platform for agricultural exchanges and cooperation,build a closer and stronger network of agricultural cooperative partnership,explore a win-win development path for China-Africa agricultural cooperation  

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