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The Oriental Post

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The Oriental Post

    The Oriental Post,a Chinese language newspaper established in 2009, distributes across Botswana, Zambia, Tanzania, South Africa,Zimbabwe, Namibia and other part of Africa as a platform to curb communication barrier between the Chinese community and the Local people.
    The Oriental Post working team is mixed with the Chinese editors and local staff writers, sales representatives, accountants and distributors.
    Our Editorial Team follow up the common journalistic principles and explore into the local society to publish the updated information in Mandarin to the readers who can understand and abide to the local rules and practices easier. We guide and encourage Chinese readers to practice the common well-willing behaviors in the local society, such as charity, volunteer services, social responsibility and multi-cultural tolerance and also slash on the corruption and improper manners.
    Meanwhile, our Marketing Team passes the local clients’ services and products easily to Chinese readers to boost the economic development and cooperation.
    The newspaper currently is published twice a month with 15,000 copies each issue distributed across Southern and Eastern Africa as well as other part of the world even via our website and online social networks. It is helpful to strengthen a lasting good relationship between African and Chinese people by passing the information easily.
    Our wide readership covers interests from foreigners in Southern and Eastern Africa and outside through our website, including construction, trade, manufacturers, tourism, culture and other business sectors. 
Botswana Branch: + 267-76630071
Zambia Branch: + 260-975800800
Tanzania Branch: + 255-0746236559
FAX: (267) 3918518


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