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Duma FM

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 Duma FM 

The Duma FM programming format has been carefully formulated to allow us to place utmost priority on delivery of good music, and equal precedence on stimulating, relevant, talk based content – both of which are developed with the mature, discerning listener in mind. This format brings you, the advertiser and your customer (our listener) innovative ways of communicating with audiences without compromising the 2 most important elements of any radio station – the music and talk. Duma FM is an adult contemporarily radio station with a national coverage of over 60% of the country. Going into the new format, the station has a mandate of keeping listeners engaged through music and talk, which is why Duma FM has an equal music/talk ratio – 50% talk and 50% music.
• The station serves a bilingual audience (Setswana and English speaking – 40% Setswana and 60% English), thus satisfying different cultural backgrounds. The talk aspect of the station is well presented and well driven. Since there’s a lot of similarity with radio stations in Botswana, Duma FM sets itself apart with a cross genre spread of adult contemporary hits, which have allowed us to create a distinct, definitive, appealing sound.
 Duma FM is the youngest of three private radio stations in Botswana and it has proven to be quite competent in terms of listenership and popularity. Audiences differ all across the nation and Duma FM has found a niche market in mature audiences. According to the Broadcasting Audience Survey 2012/2013 Duma FM is emerged the dominant private radio station in Botswana.

TELLPHONE LINE: +267 350 0130 FAX: 350 0132
STUDIO LINE: +267 350 0131
SMS LIME:+267 76281885
ADDRESS: Plot 59140 Block 7, P O Box 47326 Phakalane


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