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Kikuyu Area, Hazina street, Plot No: 28/2 Block X, P.o.Box 128 Dodoma Mobile: 0754268656, 0655365757
, 0756939157 Email:;; Website:
 Nyemo FM 97.7 Radio has five years old. Despite its infancy, the radio station has managed to gather a huge audience due to its programs that are mainly produced and aired by youth who knows what Dodoma populations really enjoys when they decide to listen to a radio. We are the radio station that takes Dodoma seriously. With a range of over 140 km around Dodoma and a transmitter that emits 2000 watts.
 As with the Radio, our estimates tell us that 80% of the inhabitants of Dodoma region listen to Nyemo fm for at least three hours a day that translate to 1,200,000 million listeners per day. We have signed a contract with Deutsche Welle to rebroadcast some of their programs and we expect this to broaden our subscriber base even further. We rebroadcast three full blocks in the evenings afternoons and mornings. Nyemo Fm Radio is a thoroughly localised but an extensively world open Entertainment Radio. To us there is no contradiction between delivering serious and vital information and doing so entertainingly. On the contrary, this is our calling. Whether we talk of Radio or just audio recording, in both areas we have the required expertise.
 The station has four main departments namely Marketing, News Room, Presenters (on-air staff) and Production.
 Nyemo Fm broadcasts around the clock 24 hours a day. We have two news bulletins a day, the early morning news at 07:00 am, and evening bulletin at 21:00 pm.
From Dodoma city our transmission covers the following areas:
 Full coverage of Dodoma Main District
Also Nyemo FM receives sms and calls from Gairo (Morogoro) to Manyoni, ntewa (Singida) and from Pawaga (Iringa) to Kondoa. Occasionally we happen to converse with audience in kiteto (Manyara) and Kilindi (Tanga).
The management offices and the studio is located at Kikuyu area, plot No.28/2 Block x, Hazina Street, Dodoma Municipality in Central Tanzania.
Nyemo FM Radio station offers the following services:  Promotion of Community Initiatives and Development programs.
·  Provision of Educational Programs such as Agricultural
· Promotions programs, awareness rising on social problems, Sports and Games.  Advertising and promotion of both business and social cultural
· Programs.  Dissemination of local, national and international news.
·  Promotion of cultural diversity programs with a view of providing
· Education to the public on issues relevant to human development.  Provision of infotainment programs
·  Provision of event management services and facilitation of
· Workshops to corporate, NGO’s or Government Agents/Departments.
 According to the Station’s recent research on its target audience survey the following age-group range and their listening capacity results show:
· 15 – 18, 19%
        ·  19 – 29, 33%
        ·  30 – 40, 32%
        ·  41 – 50, 13%
        · Above 50, 2%
Our target audience is:
 The working class Residents at home Motorists Academics &students
The programs have been arranged in such a way that they will suit the general audience at large. For example almost 80% of the radio programs attempt to address the most active age group which includes majority of the actively economic human resources in terms of peasants, entrepreneurs, small scale minors, etc. Additions or changes of our broadcasting programs will be made when needed, so as to keep up with the demand of our listeners, and to better our services according to market research.


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