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Global Post

Global Post Newspaper was established in August 2010. It is published by Global Post (Propriety) Limited and registered as a newspaper by Botswana Post. It is also registered as a company by the Registrar of Companies. Since its establishment, the newspaper has undergone re-engineering processes to improve its content and market penetration. Global Post is politically no-partisan. The newspaper seeks to be impartial and fair and allows space so that readers can respond and be involved. The newspaper covers national news and is distributed in all major centres nationally. The paper’s editorial policy is underpinned by a deliberate slant towards developmental journalism. The paper is committed to strict adherence to internationally recognised codes of journalistic ethics. The company employs a team of highly qualified young professionals in the areas of marketing, journalism, photography and graphic design. These young individuals also hold key managerial positions in the company. Global Post target audience is made up of middle income, young to middle age professionals, male and female with access to modern tools of communication such as laptops, tablets and smartphones. In view of the global changing trends of access to information which are characterised by a shift from the traditional platforms such as print media to electronic forms, Global Post has chosen to use the internet as its main platform through creating a website. Check this link:
The decision to target the online readership while not neglecting the hard copy enthusiast expand the horizons of Global Post both within and beyond the national borders of Botswana. This is an obvious high value addition for the newspaper’s advertisers.


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