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.TV Sibuka

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 TV Sibuka 
Radio SIBUKA FM was incorporate as SIBUKA FM LIMITED in April 2004 and went on air on 5th July 2004 from its base station at Maswa, now SIMIYU Region (formerly Shinyanga, Tanzania).TV SIBUKA went on air on November 18th 2010 through Star Times Media Multiplex.
The Objective  
To feature public demanding TV Programs that captivates the minds of viewers of all ages therefore fulfilling the needs of the whole society at large. TV Programs ranging from news, commercials, soaps, drama series, family entertaining movies, bongo movies, Western movie hits, sports, knowledge, gospel, documentaries, talk shows, reality TV and music including Western country music which target all classes of the market segments.  
National Coverage  
Radio SIBUKA FM coverage (approximately 75% of the mainland Tanzania territory) extends from its Maswa base station (97.0 Mhz) to nine booster stations across the country. These include Shinyanga (104.9 Mhz), Bukoba ( 92.6 Mhz), Mwanza (95.5 Mhz), Dar es Salaam (94.5 Mhz), Kigoma ( 97.6 Mhz ), Mbeya ( 97.6 Mhz), Mtwara ( 96.2 Mhz), Dodoma (92.0 Mhz) and Arusha (104.6 Mhz). 
 TV SIBUKA is linked satellite distributing its digital TV contents to viewers in 14 main cities and townships in Tanzania reaching One Million eight hundred thousand Subscribers up 2016 via Star times Multiplex as well distributing its signal to other DTH and DTT platforms namely ZUKU, TING and Continental extending our coverage to the whole of Tanzania and Internationally.
Up to end of December 2015, SIBUKA Maisha Online and Offline Subscribers were 104,577.SIBUKA Maisha Subscribers are increasing at a current rate of 5,000 per month.
Our total viewership is estimated to be around three million viewership per month considering our coverage.